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Benchtron Series

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Cartridge Collector

Benchtron BF

Panel Filter Collector

Benchtron BFP

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Downdraft / Backdraft Tables

Benchtron Series

Dual Source Capture Workstations with Integral Dust Collection

Benchtron BF Series

The 99.9% Efficient Cartridge Dust Collector / Downdraft Station

Maximizing the Work Environment

Benchtron Backdraft Table

The Filter 1 Benchtron Downdraft/Backdraft Workstation removes dust, fumes, and smoke from sanding, grinding, buffing, or welding of metals, composites, fiberglass, plastics, or wood. The Benchtron meets OSHA requirements for respirable dust down to .05MG/M3, with adjustable suction velocities of 150 to 800 FPM in the "working zone." High efficiency filters remove 99.9% of all particles 1/2 micron and larger. The unit features automatic self-cleaning, flourescent lighting, and the Regain Air, "Push/Pull" technology pioneered by Filter 1 to provide a blanket of clean air in the "breathing zone."

The standard design includes a 3 phase TEFC motor with starter and rubber vibration mount, a magnahelic guage, and sound insulation to less than 78 db. The Benchtron is available in configurations of one work surface or two, for sitting or standing.

The "Super Bench" Advantage

A Filter 1 best selling product for more than 15 years, the Benchtron Workstation offers the following advantages over the standard industry downdraft table:


  • Custom Sizes to Fit Your Application
  • Carbon After Filters
  • Odor Absorption Modules
  • Sound Attenuators
  • Work Surface Grating: Wood, Metal, Galvanized, Stainless Steel, Non-scratch Fiberglass, or Rubber
  • Various Hole Size Grate
  • ASHRAE or HEPA Safety Filters
  • Safety Monitor Gauge and Alarm
  • Spark Trap for Welding or Heavy Grinding
  • Various Filter Media for Special Applications


  • Slotted Regain Roof for Loading of Heavy Parts via Overhead Crane
  • Motor Starters and Electrical Disconnects with Transformer for Cleaning Circuit Control and Lighting
  • Auxiliary Air and Power Outlets
  • Compressed Air Regulators and Filters
  • High Temperature Cut-off of Blower
  • Fire Sprinkler Heads
  • Pneumatic Turntable for Lifting and Spinning Parts
  • "Off Line" Cleaning

Benchtron BF Series

Single Station
Benchtron Downdraft Table
Model CFM HP Surface DxW Filter Sq Ft
BFS-3-2-3 1,200 3 24" X 36" 550
BFS-4-3-3F 4,000 3 30" X 43" 825
BFS-5-4-3 4,000 3 30" X 60" 1,100
BFS-6-4-3 4,000 3 30" X 72" 1,100
BFS-7-5-5 6,000 5 30" X 84" 1,375
BFS-8-6-5 6,000 5 30" X 96" 1,650
Double Station
Model CFM HP Surface DxW Filter Sq Ft
BFD-4-6-5 6,000 5 2x 30" X 43" 1,650
BFD-5-6-5 6,000 5 2x 30" X 60" 1,650
BFD-6-6-5 6,000 5 2x 30" X 72" 1,650
BFD-7-8-7.5 8,000 7.5 2x 30" X 84" 2,200
BFD-8-12-7.5 8,000 7.5 2x 30" X 96" 2,200
BFD-8-10-15 12,000 15 2x 30" X 96" 2,750

Benchtron BFP Series

The "Lean Cell" Bench for Collection of Fine Dust & Smoke

Streamlined for Efficiency

In addition to the cartridge dust collector "Super Bench," the Benchtron Series also includes a panel filter downdraft bench that is designed specifically for industrial processes generating fine dust and smoke. The Benchtron BFP is a compact downdraft / backdraft table with a multi-stage filtration system that utilizes standard industrial panel filters.

For fine sanding, mixing, or welding, the Benchtron BFP maximizes the workflow, while minimizing maintenance and energy costs:

Designed for Flexibility

The Benchtron BFP is easily adapted to provide effective dust collection for more than one type of industrial operation:

Multi-Stage Filter Options


  • Chevron
  • Impingers / Washable Impingers
  • Metal Mesh
  • Merv 3

Secondary Filters

  • Merv 3 - Merv 17 Filter Media
  • Microglass or Synthetic
  • ASHRAE or HEPA Safety Filters
  • Polyester

Other Options / Customization

  • Backdraft Hood for Working on Larger Parts
  • TEFC Motors, Single and Three Phase, Out of the Air Stream
  • Odor Absorption Modules
  • Sound Attenuators
  • Choice of Work Surface Grating: Perforated Plate, Grated Steel, Fiberglass, Galvanized, Rubber, or Plastic
  • Various Hole Size Grate
  • Safety Monitor Gauge and Alarm
  • Spark Trap for Welding or Heavy Grinding
  • Metal or Plastic Sidewalls / Roof
  • Auxillary Air and Power Outlets
  • Compressed Air Regulators and Filters
  • High-Temperature Cut-Off of Blower
  • Fire Sprinkler Heads
  • Pneumatic Turntable for Lifting/Spinning Parts
  • Motor Starters & Electrical Disconnects
  • Casters for Easy Movement

Benchtron BFPS Series

Model CFM Dimensions HP
BFPS-4-2-2-23,0004' Wide x 30" Deep2
BFPS-5-2-2-23,0005' Wide x 30" Deep2
BFPS-6-3-3-34,0006' Wide x 30" Deep3