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Mistron Series

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Mistron MF

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Mist Collector

Mistron Series

Low-Maintenance Collection for Oil and Water-Based Coolant Mists & Smoke

Method of Filtration

The Filter 1 Mistron Mist Collector is designed to eliminate in-plant moisturization through efficient filtration of oil and water-based coolant mists and smoke.

Contaminated air enters the intake plenum and the inlet baffle diffuses the air to distribute it evenly over the impinger surface. The impinger removes large particles and mist, and is self-draining. (An optional high density metal mesh washable prefilter is also available for wet grinding applications.) The unit utilizes a high efficiency micro glass filter for collecting micron and submicron particles. The Filter 1 Mistron offers up to ten times more actual square footage of filter material than centrifugal air cleaning units.

Quiet, energy efficient, and low maintenance operation is provided by a direct drive, backward inclined air foil type blower, requiring no belts to change or bearings to grease. With the vertical oil mist design the primary filter bag pockets are suspended in the vertical position for optimal drainage of the collected coolant mist. For average machine shop operations the primary filter should last one year.



Mistron Series

Model CFM Blower HP Sec. Filter Sq Ft HxWxL
MF-120-2 1,250 2 120 65" X 29" X 34"
MF-240-3 2,500 3 240 65" X 29" X 67"
MF-480-5 5,000 5 480 65" X 57" X 67"
MF-720-7.5 7,000 7.5 720 65" X 57" X 99"
MF-960-10 10,000 10 960 65" X 67" X 99"